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When life gets stressful, skincare makes me happy

The end of last year and the start of this year haven't been the greatest of months. There has been a lot of difficult things happening in my family and work has become quite stressful. That's not to say there haven't been some really great times recently, there have been! Charlie and I tucked ourselves away at a luxury hotel in Dublin for a little valentines trip, which you can read about here. And having that time away from all the stresses of life reminded me of how important it is to take a break and give ourselves a little relaxation. Before Dublin I felt incredibly guilty taking some time to myself with everything that has been going on. I even felt guilty for spending the morning getting my hair done! Which at the time felt entirely rational, I was selfishly doing something for me rather than thinking about the people in my family that are going through some tough shit right now. It wasn't until we were in Dublin, and I felt the world was off my shoulders, that I realised taking time for yourself isn't selfish. If you're not feeling good, how can you be strong for those that need you? 

Valentines in Dublin, the Westbury hotel, afternoon tea and Temple Bar

Recently I fell out of touch with my blog, but I've found the motivation to really get back into it! So I was super excited when Valentines rolled around. Partly because of all the cheesy loveliness and getting to announce how much I love my boyfriend. But a little bit of my excitement was for the opportunity to write a new travel post!! Okay, mostly for the travel post blogging opportunity, and a little bit for the love and boyfriend part (soz Charlie x). Travel posts are my all time favourite blog posts to read and vlogs to watch. I get such itchy feet and it's my dream to get to travel anywhere and everywhere! You don't always have to travel far though to find beautiful hotels and memorable experiences. So, come away with me to the utterly stunning The Westbury hotel in Dublin for a romantic night away! 

The thing about blogging. Why I started a blog, and almost gave up.

Hello, Happy February!! I can't believe it's February already. I intended to hit the ground running with my blog at the start of 2017 but considering my last post was all the way back in October, I think it's safe to say that that hasn't happened yet. Oops. This hasn't been for lack of trying though. My heart is really into blogging and I've been writing posts as and when I can but they've not quite felt good enough to publish. Getting pictures for those posts has also just not happened.  There has been a lot going on in my personal life and I've had to turn my attention to the people who need me at the moment. As much as I've wanted to blog life has got in the way. Whilst I will always always always be there for my family and do anything I can for them, its all been quite overwhelming and I have needed to take a little time for myself and that couldn't be blogging.

How to Balance Blogging and Working Full Time

I love reading blogs. And earlier this year when I was searching for something to do as a hobby to give myself a break from my job I thought why not try building a blog of my own. But I never quite appreciated just how much hard work goes into a blog (all you bloggers make it look so beautifully effortless!).