Autumn Blogging Goals

Recently I've been reading lots of lovely and cosy Autumn posts, I even wrote my own favourite beauty buys for Autumn post. I've also started seeing lots of "Autumn goals" posts. These have really inspired me to set myself some goals and look at what I'd like to achieve with my blog in the short term. I've only been blogging since April and to begin with I don't think I really tried particularly hard. I wasn't quite sure how it all worked and I definitely felt far too lost to dive in head first. I sort of just dipped my toes. But now I understand blogging a bit better, I know I really want to preserve with my blog and really put some effort and hard work into it. 

Eventhough I'm new to blogging there are definitely a few things I'm really pleased with. My posts are definitely getting better and I'm making a strong effort to increase traffic to my blog. I've also managed to increase my Instagram and Twitter followers over the past month, only by a handful of people but I really never thought other people would be interested in following me. So every follower is a win in my book. I know I'll get there with blogging but I definitely could do with some goals. 

When I sat down to write this post (on the train where I write most of my posts) it was a no brainer what my first goal would be. I want to post more consistently. I still need to figure out what consistency to go for, as everyone's blog seems to succeed with different frequencies of posting. Some blogs post every day (which I definitely wouldn't be able to do) and some bloggers post once a week. I need to find what frequency works best for me and then stick with it. 

My second goal, which will hopefully help me achieve my first, is that I'd like to write more career posts. It's what I really started my blog to talk about but then I got caught up in the more lifestyle posts. I've mostly blogged about beauty to be honest as I find these posts the easiest to talk about and take pictures for. Sometimes I feel I've missed my chance to build a successful blog for career girls as there are already some big ones out there. I get caught up in comparing my blog to theirs which I really really shouldn't do. But I think we're all guilty of comparing ourselves to others in blogging and just in life. I think I need to use it as motivation to develop my blog and achieve my goals. 
Lastly, and I think about this one constantly, I want to decide if I'm happy with the name of my blog. And if not then I need to change it, as I'd like to buy my own domain by the end of the year. 

I went through a few honestly terrible name ideas for my blog before settling on The City Notebook. And I think I like it. But I'm never quite sure. I can't hear other people saying it in my head the way you can with other blog names. Though that makes me sound a bit crazy! As my blog is very very new, I feel if I were to rename my blog, it's better to do it now rather than later. But if not The City Notebook then what? Something I need to sit and really explore in the next few weeks I think. 

Obviously I'd love to really launch my blog, grow it and build a real following, but I just can't see that happening unless I achieve these three goals. So for the next few weeks these will be what I'll be focusing on! 
What are your goals for your blog? Do you have any Autumn goals in general? 

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