Valentines in Dublin, the Westbury hotel, afternoon tea and Temple Bar

Recently I fell out of touch with my blog, but I've found the motivation to really get back into it! So I was super excited when Valentines rolled around. Partly because of all the cheesy loveliness and getting to announce how much I love my boyfriend. But a little bit of my excitement was for the opportunity to write a new travel post!! Okay, mostly for the travel post blogging opportunity, and a little bit for the love and boyfriend part (soz Charlie x). Travel posts are my all time favourite blog posts to read and vlogs to watch. I get such itchy feet and it's my dream to get to travel anywhere and everywhere! You don't always have to travel far though to find beautiful hotels and memorable experiences. So, come away with me to the utterly stunning The Westbury hotel in Dublin for a romantic night away! 
My boyfriend and I live quite far apart from each other for work at the moment. Well, extremely far away to tell the truth. I live in Surrey, and he currently lives in Northern Ireland. So...not even remotely close! But, I kind of love it because it means we get to visit lots of different places and this year for valentines, I flew over to his and we headed down to Dublin, one of our favourite places, for the night. 

Dublin is definitely a fun city to visit and we actually visited the city last year too. This meant we'd already done a lot of the tourist trips: the Guinness Storehouse, the bus tour, the Jameson's Whiskey distillery, and the zoo. All of which are really great and definitely worth a visit! We also stayed in this ridiculously beautiful castle outside of the city as we were there for a few days. This year we wanted to stay somewhere really central and as it was valentines we splashed out a bit to stay at The Westbury.  This hotel doesn't look like much from the outside, but once you step foot inside the lower lobby you're met with the most beautiful Art Deco inspired hotel. And for me, this decor was an absolute dream! 
We got ourselves checked in, and headed straight upstairs to our room to freshen up before afternoon tea. Although we had booked their classic superior room, it was a lot bigger than I had thought it would be. City centre hotels are often beautiful but the rooms can really lack space. Which isn't great if there's two of you sharing and one of them is me, who doesn't know how to travel light! The Westbury is one of The Leading Hotels of The World, and so you can expect to find the usual luxury magazines and brochures dotted around the room for you to flick through and see the incredible lifestyle of the other half! Oh how a girl can dream! 
After a quick change we headed downstairs for afternoon tea. By far, my favourite activity ever. I can't get enough of afternoon tea! We visited The Westbury for afternoon tea last time we came to Dublin, and were treated to their festive season menu, which was scrumptious as anything! So we were really excited to see what their afternoon tea menu looked like this time. And oh my it did not disappoint!! We were greeted and taken to our table, which was in a window. These are absolutely their best tables for two as you each get a deep arm chair to sit in, so much sunlight, and an additional little table giving you lots of room. Afternoon tea definitely requires a lot of space! My mom visited recently for afternoon tea and was disappointed not to have a widow table, I'm not quite sure how they allocate them but I highly recommend putting the request in if you visit. Which you should because my gosh what a yummy experience it is!!! 
Once we had finished stuffing ourselves, we returned to our room to get ready to head out into Dublin. After all that food though, I took one look at our bed and decided I needed a nap. Revitalised, we headed to temple bar, an iconic area of Dublin full of pubs and restaurants. We were worried as we walked along the cobbled street towards Temple Bar that it seemed a bit quiet, although it was a chilly Friday in February. However, we turned the corner and the Irish hadn't disappointed us. The pubs were packed and people were laughing and singing. I love going for drinks in Ireland, the atmosphere is so relaxed and I always have such a good time. We decided to head to the famous The Temple Bar, which we were pleased to discover had an Irish band playing! 
After a number of Guinness's on Charlie's part, and a few too many glasses of wine on mine, we decided we needed more food. Surprising really after all the sandwiches and scones and cakes we'd already eaten! So we grabbed a table at Elephant & Castle for a basket of chicken wings! We came here on our last trip to Dublin on the recommendation of good chicken wings from someone at work. They are probably the best chicken wings I've ever had and I'd come back again for the wings. That said the service at this restaurant is awful. Really, it's so bad. But the location is perfect, and the chicken wings are so good I can ignore the crap service.
After devouring our wings (the couple at the table next to use ate just one basket slower than we ate two! Not quite sure what that says about Charlie and I!!!) We wandered back to the hotel for some cocktails before bed. The bar at The Westbury is called The Sidecar and it's an Art Deco dream! The Great Gatsby is my all time favourite book, and I've got a bit of a thing for the 1920's so I was practically swooning at this bar. We were greeted at the door and offered a table, but we decided to perch at the bar. The menu was extensive and I really wanted my usual Cosmo, which Charlie decided I wasn't allowed, as that's what I always drink. So the bar man came to my rescue and made me his signature raspberry martini which he said I was definitely allowed. I love bars that have real bar men that are able to mix you drinks that aren't on the menu. He also got us some bar nibbles so he definitely deserved a tip! The bar had all these quirky, beautiful glasses and some really funky cocktail accessories (is that a thing? I'm not sure) anyway Charlie's drink had a copper metal straw, which we both thought was pretty cool. 
I could have sat in the bar forever, but after a few cocktails we headed to bed. When we got to our room, on the desk was a lovely little surprise left for us by the hotel. As they knew we were there for an early valentines they decided to add some special touches to the nightly turndown service. This cake was heavenly and after drinks in temple bar, and cocktails in the hotel bar, I was in need of a little pre-bed snack. There were also little chocolates on the bed for each of us, cold bottled water and a rose tucked into some towel swans. Personal touches like this really make you feel valued for staying at a hotel, we may not have had a fancy suite or be regular guests but I still felt special and exceedingly well cared for. 
After such a comfy nights sleep I really didn't want to get up, but I the prospect of a yummy breakfast got me up and about. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the breakfast room at The Westbury but it's definitely one of the most stunning restaurants I've ever eaten in. The hotel's Art Deco theme continued in the restaurant, with lots of dark wood and sepia distressed mirrors on the walls (someone I've concluded I want desperately in my Barbie dream house, if we ever manage to get on the property ladder!). There is also a beautiful garden room to the front of the restaurant with windows galore, white wicker chairs and tonnes of creeping plants. But sadly I was suffering from a teeny hangover and devoured my full Irish breakfast without taking any snaps of this gorgeous restaurant. Food first, always! 
Sadly after breakfast it was time to check out and head up to Belfast. I would thoroughly recommend The Westbury for a special occasion or a little treat. Whilst I would love to stay in hotels of this calibre all the time, when you have too much of something it can lose it's specialness. If lovely things became the every day, then what would we do for something special? So, I think I'll keep The Westbury on my list of beautiful places, saved for special occasions only.

Have you been to Dublin or Ireland? What close to home destinations do you love? 


  1. This place looks so beautiful ahhh, your snaps are so dreamy! The little touches like swan towels and chocolates are so adorable :D and ohhh the little cakes too! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara (P.S we should absolutely follow each other on bloglovin or instagram haha :D xx)

    1. Ah thanks Elizabeth! It was such a dreamy hotel I'd go back in a heartbeat!!! I'm just off to search for you on insta & bloglovin <3 xx